Great On-Site Food Experiences

Did you know that corporate employees who eat within 5 minutes of their workspace provide 20 minutes more productivity/employee per day?

Every day in offices around the world, food service associates can be catalysts for an energized, motivated and productive work environment.

At Food Innovation Factory we can help your current food service team improve their overall knowledge of food, their confidence in interacting with customers, their ability to recognize and greet customers and their ability to serve special requests in a fast, high-energy food service setting.

We like to come alongside your staff and provide extra training and developmental support to all kinds of food management teams. Our workplace expertise and deep knowledge of consumer dining trends create highly relevant and interactive training experiences.

Training food service staff should be less about telling them to get engaged, and more about giving them the knowledge that will enable them to make meaningful connections between their work and their customers. The result of such staff training will result in greater employee satisfaction all around, from behind the counter to every table in the room.

Let us know if you need help with this critical dimension of your business. Our job is to assess your situation and offer solutions specifically designed to keep your employees dining in, and your company productivity at its very best.




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