Are Tacos The New Burgers?

Tacos continue to ride on the fast track to success as customization and dietary options continue to be meta-trends driving menu changes across the country. These trends have led to the development of new innovative versions of familiar foods seen throughout quick-service and fast-casual segments all the way to upscale restaurants.

According to Forbes Magazine, the taco trend has gained momentum, which started with Chipotle’s fast casual versions of popular Mexican street foods. Many have responded to the momentum by creating “the new breed of taco chains [that] are meeting consumers’ growing appetite for better-quality ingredients and unusual spices.” Taco Bell had a runaway hit with their Doritos Locos Taco, but the real upsurge in growth has been in the premium market. With marked growth for years in both regional and national Mexican concept restaurants focusing on specialty taco offerings, the gourmet taco is poised to replace the gourmet burger as the top consumer food trend.

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, even Taco Bell is capitalizing on this trend, with the opening of its new spinoff chain, U.S. Taco Co. This chain incorporates multiple relevant trends through their high-quality ingredients and their extremely creative gourmet tacos.

Chefs are drawing from a deep well of inspiration to create new taco flavors. Notable examples from multiple hot new taco restaurants include Potato Taco from Chronic Tacos, Roast Pork Bahn Mi from Velvet Taco, and The 1%er from U.S. Taco Co. Throughout these taco restaurants, we see the top foodservice trends being put to use. Whether its customization options, nontraditional menu inspirations, or fresh and healthy food ingredients, many have crafted new taco specialties.

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