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Restaurant Drink Orders Decline

Consumers are ordering fewer beverages in restaurants. Drink orders have declined 4%, or 2 billion servings, over a five-year period, according to new research from The NPD Group, Chicago. Behind the trend are changing tastes and cost consciousness, NPD said. In particular, carbonated soft drinks, brewed coffee and milk are falling out of favor. Soda […]

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Mobility is Changing the Way Customers Dine Out

With mobile devices now becoming a rather permanent fixture in our day-to-day lives, it should come as no surprise that the need to stay connected is changing the way customers make their dining decisions. Check out these statistics to see how restaurants are approaching the changing needs of their customers. * See more at:

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Millennials Drive Demand For Craft Beer, Wine & Spirits

Descriptions including “craft”, “small batch,” “custom,” “limited edition” and “artisan/artisanal” are more likely to influence the purchasing decisions of millennials than they are to sway older consumers, according to a recent Harris Poll. Chefs and restaurateurs are finding ways to feed the trend — the Culinary Institute of America will hold a Crafting Beer and […]

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Space to Suit

WeWork is pioneering the idea that a company’s workspace can also double as a meeting place The office 10 floors above Connecticut ­Avenue in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C., isn’t like most offices. For one thing, today this office has a Google-labeled ­minivan parked in it. In front of the minivan, employees from […]

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Sophisticated Breads Rise On Menus

With many Americans now avoiding gluten, and a growing number of people eschewing most carbohydrates as they follow the paleo diet, bread is less of a meal staple and more of an indulgence. Consumers are also more sophisticated and discriminating, so when they do decide to have bread, they want it to be something special. […]

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