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When It Comes To Food, Technology Is Changing The Game

We are at the beginning of the most radical transformation of our food industry since the Green Revolution. Until now, food innovation — including agricultural production, processing, distribution and retail — happened in the laboratories and strategy shops of a few select multinationals. These approaches to innovation have been proprietary, consolidated and designed to maximize […]

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A Growing Mindfulness of Food & Beverage Choices

According to Culinary Visions, a food focused insight and trend forecasting firm based in Chicago, consumers still rate convenience and value as important criteria in their food decisions, yet there is a growing mindfulness of food and beverage choices and a sincere desire to create a lifestyle that balances healthfulness and indulgence in everyday life. […]

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A Checklist For Strategic Cost Savings

Constantly scrutinizing and reducing the amount of money expenditures going out the door is a good strategy. Using the following checklist is a start to strategically tackling cost. Dial up a new telecom system: Everything’s up for grabs: landlines, internet, wireless providers, equipment and service plans. First step, contact a telecom consultant who will analyze your needs with no […]

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Accounting Aps For Your Number Crunching Needs

If your business has never installed an accounting package or hasn’t had the need to look into new software for a few years, the market has definitely changed. Not only are there new, proven models for purchasing and using financial software — think subscription and Web-based — but you’re likely to get a lot more […]

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Key Food Service Trends to Spur Growth in 2014

Five key trends identified set to shape restaurant menus and spur continued growth in 2014. 1. Fast Casual Pulls Ahead: The impressive growth of the fast casual segment demonstrates consumers, who are still focused on price, are willing to pay more for foods they consider to be of better quality or healthier. A slew of […]

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