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Winning the War for Talent

The “war for talent,” a term coined by McKinsey & Company in 1997, refers to an increasingly competitive landscape for recruiting and retaining talented employees. Inherent to “talent,” in this use, is not a set of superior human resources processes, but a mindset that emphasizes the importance of talent to the success of organizations. The […]

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Control Labor Cost by Boosting Productivity

Whether your revenues are up or down, controlling your labor costs is essential to maximizing your bottom line. Focusing on productivity as opposed to merely cutting hours or wages maintains the proper balance between labor and quality—it’s not efficiency, but effectiveness. If you cut labor and diminish quality, your revenues will go down. Labor costs […]

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Controlling Product Costs – FIF Talks Food Cost

Restaurant front lines can be the most difficult area for controlling product cost. In our experience, it’s usually on the front line that many restaurants lose their profits. The likely reasons include incorrect portioning, waste, overcooked or cold food returns, items being prepared without a food ticket, or unrecorded sales. Of course, we all know […]

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Sustaining Healthy Oceans: FIF Talks Seafood

Offering guests delicious seafood options involves more than just picking the freshest seafood. There’s a responsibility, as well, to make the right choices for healthy, sustainable oceans. Getting information to make good selections is much simpler, thanks to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program. It advises businesses on which seafood items are best choices, […]

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HACCP Training Not Just Relevant: It’s Essential

Restaurant management can rest easily about food safety standards by adhering to the principles and practices of the Hazardous Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP) program, a management system that addresses food safety. HACCP address the control of biological, chemical and physical hazards — from raw material production, procurement and handling to the preparation and […]

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Healthy Sandwiches to See Growth

Hamburgers, wraps, paninis and all other sorts of sandwiches are a mainstay of the American diet — and research shows light and healthy sandwich choices are gaining momentum in the market. According to reports from The NPD Group, a market research firm based in Port Washington, N.Y., healthful sandwiches are one of a few groups […]

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Vegetable Dishes Are on the Rise

Think of places you can find hearty meatless dishes and it’s probable that several come to mind pretty quickly. A decade ago, that wasn’t so. But these days, as consumers are becoming more health conscious by the minute, many chefs and restaurants have added vegetable-only dishes to their menus. Healthy initiatives like Meatless Monday, which is […]

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engaging your service staff

Great On-Site Food Experiences

Did you know that corporate employees who eat within 5 minutes of their workspace provide 20 minutes more productivity/employee per day? Every day in offices around the world, food service associates can be catalysts for an energized, motivated and productive work environment. At Food Innovation Factory we can help your current food service team improve […]

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